The Manifestation of Joy. The artist and his studio on display

April 7-21, 2018 at Officine Garibaldi, Pisa

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"Manifestation of Joy is ultimately a choral representation, prepared and staged, wide and luminous, in a space that is a spotlight, at the Officine Garibaldi. Eloquent gestures, postures, actions, immersions, and excitement are all evident in the empathic manifestations of painting in a situation in which free participation liberates a playful sense of community work."


opera completaxxx
The final Artwork at the end of the "Manifestazione della Gioia", Fondale collettivo, acrilic on canvas, 2 × 7,10 mt.

"Every day two groups of four to twelve people came, affected by different disabilities, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon.
Always accompanied by operators dedicated to them."

Day 1

Day 2


"They settled initially, more or less spontaneously, around the large table near the large canvas (710 x 200 cm).
Drawing and painting on small sheets was mostly a familiar activity, and from there they started."

Day 3

Day 4


"The transition to larger surfaces up to the canvas always required encouragement.
The approach to the big painting was made with colours painted with paintbrushes, and then fingers and even hands,
a great liberation, expressed with amazement and the widest range of expressions."

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

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